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We at Marvel Digitizing, offer custom

color separation

services to all our customers. Just tell us what type of color separation you want us to make and we will provide you within 24 hours. You tell us the size, number of colors and separation you want us to use. We will make changes if needed, but changing the separation process will result in new costs.With any type of artwork that you print, the printing process must be separated. Even with simple color separations, one screen per color should be used in the silkscreen separations process. With true process separations, four screens should be used. And with more complicated screen printing separations methods like simulated



more than three screens may be used depending on the artwork used.

  • Simulated process color separations
  • True Process color separations
  • Index silk screen separations
  • Spot color silkscreen separations
  • Pantone Color Separation

At MARVEL DIGITIZING, we are dedicated to complex artwork and meticulous half-tone work with amazing results. In color separation, we provide the following services;

  • Spot color separation
  • Retouch color
  • Color management
  • CMYK separation
  • Pantone color separation
  • Art Cleaning Service
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