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We cater every single aspect of digitizing services including:

Embroidery Digitizing

Get amazing

embroidery digitizing

designs done according to your requirement. The team of experts will never let you down. You can select the designs from our gallery and can have the customizing option as well.

3D Puff Embroidery

3D embroidery is a technique that allows you to raise your design's surface, making them for all intently and purposely three dimensional. 3D Foam embroidery digitizing can give your designs a complete creative boost, transform them completely. Get amazing designs of 3D puff embroidery today!

Applique Embroidery

Applique embroidery refers to a technique of needlework in the sewing context, in which the pattern is created by attaching the small fabric pieces to a larger piece. That technique is actually very common in textiles and adored by everyone especially in ladies.

Chain Stitch Embroidery Digitizing

Chain stitch is something everyone has heard, but do not like to do. Why? Because it is very laborious. It does not always come out well, it uses a lot of floss. However, chain stitches create a thick, texture line, nice and coarse grain. Get astonishing Chain Stitch designs today!

Photo Digitizing

Photo Digitizing is growing rapidly, people moving forward to it and love with its services. The excitement is beyond when you gift to someone your digitized photo shirt, it is just so perfect for a gift. People look for the companies providing the best services in an affordable way.

Vector Art

Vector Graphics are suitable for screen printing machines, large format printing, promotional items for printing, engraving vector line art, web usage etc. Send us your image to get free quotes.

Colour Separation

With true process separations, four screens should be used. And with more complicated screen printing separations methods like simulated printing, more than three screens may be used depending on the artwork used. Find out more!

Left Chest Logo Designing

You can create your own designed left chest logo and digitize it accordingly. The craze is getting high and high day by day. Don't forget to grab this inexpensive chance.

Jacket Back Digitizing

Jacket back digitizing is going to be very popular. People love to put their creativity on that jacket and amused their self accordingly. Design your lines to create an awesome digitized logo. We are dedicated to supplying a professional, high-quality service at a competitive price to all areas of the textile industry. We are simply your one-stop solution for all digitizing needs for today and tomorrow. If you are looking forward to any digitizing services you are absolutely in a right place. We design according to your requirements. So don't waste your time in search of scams. Be our customer get a chance for unlimited quotes today!